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Home Testing Kits for Students

Home Testing Kits for Students

by Clare Allcock -
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Home testing kits will begin to be issued to students from today at both campuses: above the library at Castleford and next to the refectory shop at City campus.

Students can collect their kits when they are on campus between the following times:

9.30 – 1pm on Monday

8.30 – 1pm Tuesday to Friday

Your student ID badge will be required to collect the kits and IT have set up scanning stations. You will be given two kits containing 3 tests, a booklet on how to do the test and an information sheet (see below).


Key points:

Kits can’t be collected for anyone else.

Students don't need to have done all three on-site tests before being able to collect home test kits.

Kits can’t be posted out.

Kits should be used by students over the Easter period.

Kits can be collected at any point during these times but please come back later if you see a queue.

An Information leaflet will be provided with the kits and under 18s are encouraged to share the information with parents.  


Thanks for helping to beat Coronavirus by taking part in home testing. One in three people who have the virus show no symptoms. By continuing with home testing you’re helping to stop the spread of the virus and saving lives.  


Please keep these instructions somewhere safe so you can refer to them if you need to.  


You should have received: 


  1. Two kits containing 3 tests in each kit. 

  1. An instruction booklet on how to carry out the tests, which is an update and replaces the one in the kit box. 


Tests should be done twice a week, 3 days apart and most people find Sundays and Wednesdays are a good option, but you’re free to choose days and times which suit you best.  

Video instructions for how to do a home test are here: wakefield.ac.uk/lateral-flow-tests. 


After each test 

Register the result at www.gov.uk/report-covid19-result This should be done the same day as doing the test, whether the result is positive, negative or void. 

Keep a record of the test date and the result in the back of the instruction booklet. 


If your home test is positive 

Inform the College immediately via e-mail at covidcase@wakefield.ac.uk stating your student ID number 

Book a PCR test via the government website: https://www.gov.uk/get-coronavirus-test 

Your household must self-isolate until the PCR result is received (following the Government stay at home guidance https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-stay-at-home-guidance


1. If the PCR result is negative, update College with the result at covidcase@wakefield.ac.uk stating your student ID number. Your household can stop self-isolating. 

2. If the PCR result is positive, update College with the result. Your household needs to continue self-isolating for 10 days as stated by the NHS. 


Testing is in addition to continuing with the basic preventative measures of regular handwashing, wearing face coverings and social distancing. 



Even if you have a negative home test, you could become infectious with Covid soon afterwards. If you start showing Covid-19 symptoms, such as a new cough, high temperature or loss of taste or smell, you must book a free NHS PCR test and follow government self-isolation guidance until the results of that test are known.  


Your test kits must not be passed on to anyone else. If other members of your household, family or friends want to take part in regular testing more details can be found at: 



And thanks: you’re really helping to beat the virus.