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National Clean Air Day - 20 June 2019

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National Clean Air Day - 20 June 2019
by Julie Thornton - Tuesday, 11 June 2019, 9:04 AM


Why do we need Clean Air Day?

We can’t always see it but air pollution is the largest environmental risk to our health. In Leeds, the majority of outdoor air pollution comes from transport—particularly from older diesel and petrol vehicles.  

Leeds City Council are introducing a Clean Air Charging Zone and taking steps to reduce air pollution to within legal limits as soon as possible. However there are no ‘safe’ levels of air pollution and therefore there is a continuous need to improve air quality to best protect the health of everyone in the city. 

Almost all of us contribute to this problem and so, by changing our transport habits, we can all play a role in solving it. On Clean Air Day 2019 we’ll be promoting actions that we can all take to help make Leeds a cleaner, greener city. This includes ideas for changing how we travel such as hopping on a bus or bike, or walking wherever possible.

 What can you do?

The most important action that you can take to support Clean Air Day is to reduce your own emissions by leaving your car at home. Whether that means taking public transport, car sharing, walking, cycling, running or working from home that day—you’ll be doing your bit to improve local air quality.

We’d also like your help with spreading the word.  For more information and downloadable resources, please visit the Clean Air Leeds website at www.cleanairleeds.co.ukIt includes general information about air pollution, ways to get involved, actions we can all take on the day and beyond, pledge cards, hashtags to use on social media and how to share your own event(s).  There is also information about events and activities taking place on the day including city centre walks, information stalls and an opportunity to take a spin on an electric bike. We hope to see you (and many others) there on the day and on social media before then. 

Thanks in advance for your support with helping to make the day a success. With your help, we can make every day in Leeds a Clean Air Day.

 Ruth Gelletlie, Co-ordinator, Leeds Clean Air Day Campaign Group

 Cllr James Lewis, Deputy Leader, Leeds City Council

Leeds Clean Air Day Campaign Group

Information from a Member's Update by the Travel Plan Network Team