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PEEP activities and how to join them each week!

PEEP activities and how to join them each week!

by Jo Talbot-Paterson -
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Please find below a list of all the PEEP activities that are running each week for all Wakefield College students. Please click on the group name link if you wish to join and it will send a request for you to join the teams group and access the activity. For all the sports (listed underneath the online clubs) please go to Lightwaves Leisure Centre which is opposite the back of the bus station in town.

If you are unsure how to access an activity please email activities@wakefield.ac.uk or visit our activities office in the Wakefield refectory.

You do not need to book onto activities you can just turn up. You do not have to commit to activities each week if you don’t want to, please feel free to do activities as you wish.

LGBT group

Online via teams Wednesday 3-4pm

Duke of Edinburgh award

Face to Face – Wakefield refectory Wednesday 4-5pm

We offer the Bronze and Silver award at Wakefield college.

For more info on what this award is about please visit https://www.dofe.org/


Driving Theory Group

Online via teams  - Every Monday 12.15-1.15pm

Practice your DVSA theory with this online group via teams every week. We cover all topics that will be included in your theory exam with practice questions.

 Students Union

Online via teams – Every Wednesday 2-3pm

Do you want to make positive changes across your college and represent other students views, organise activities and run campaigns?  

Climate Action Group

Online via teams - Every Wednesday 1.45-2.45pm

Are you interested in environmental issues and Climate change? Do you want to make a difference to our planet and share your ideas and passions with other like minded students?

Scribbler magazine

Online via teams - Every Monday 3-4pm

Come along and help put together our college magazine for students. You could write creative articles, take photos, share your favourite Netflix series and any other things that you think would be interesting to other students.

Debating Group

Every Wednesday 12.30-1.30pm

Develop your confidence, speaking style and share your opinions each week on a topic you have chosen. Practice presenting your arguments in a clear and concise manner.

Equality and Diversity

Every Tuesday 4-5pm

Take a pro-active and inclusive approach to equality by supporting and encouraging all under represented groups in our college. Help make positive changes by promoting cultural days, events and raising awareness across our college.

Sports activities all at Lightwaves Leisure Centre opposite the back of the bus station, all free to Wakefield College students.


Badminton 12.30-1.30pm



The gym 4.15-5.30pm



The gym 12-3pm

Netball 12.15-1pm

Basketball 1-2pm

Badminton and Volleyball 2-3pm

Five aside football 3-4.30pm

Table tennis 3-4pm



The gym 11.30-1.30pm